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Love Light + Melody

Teamed up with Brad Corrigan from the indie band DISPATCH for his non-profit initiative, Love Light + Melody. Contributed to their cause of amplifying the narratives of underprivileged children facing extreme poverty, instilling hope through the mediums of art, music, and sports, and facilitating life-changing educational opportunities.

Revitalized their visual identity to evoke emotions and enhance the dissemination of their crucial message. This encompassed a complete redesign of their website, the creation of compelling banners and posters, and the seamless coordination of impactful events such as "Hope Bracelets" and "Peace Bracelets."

Through our collaborative efforts, we ensured that Love Light + Melody's mission resonated powerfully with audiences, fostering greater awareness and support for their noble cause. It was a privilege to contribute to their transformative work and to play a part in bringing hope and opportunity to those in need.

Love Light + Melody

Hope Bracelets

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